Monday Nov 30, 2009

so i got a transfer call today, something that i was really hoping i wouldn’t get. i was thinking that having only been in taft for 3 months i would get to stay, president knew that i didn’t want to leave. but i guess the lord had other plans. i have been asked to white wash another area, oxnard. so that should be pretty fun, i guess. i did not expect the call at all, so i am totally unprepared to leave taft. there was nothing here 3 months ago when we came, now this place is prime for baptizing. david gets baptized in two weeks and dominique is down to only a couple of cigarettes a day. so she is almost ready too. we have a lot of other great investigators here too, people who will also get baptized. i am really sad that i wont be able to be apart of that, but at least i was there when they were found. this place has grown on me a lot. but oxnard will be fun, another white wash will be a challenge but its cool. my new comp is going to be elder nelson from canada. i hear he is pretty awesome, so i expect we will be doing alot of hard work down there and i am excited about that. he is older then i am so our companionship is going to have alot of experience.
sorry i didn’t write last week, we played ultimate frisbee is bakersfield and i didn’t have time to email.
thanks for the news about helen, i am sorry to hear that. i am glad you guys were able to be supportive for grandpa.
i love you guys and ill tell you about oxnard next week
love elder blair


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