Mon November 16th, 2009

on saturday we were at the church filling up the font for a baptism, and i was in the foyer reading the scriptures, and a old couple came to the door and looked like they were trying to get in. so i go to the locked door and open it. i startled them pretty bad. they explained that they were praying for us. so i close the door so they could finish their prayer. i could hear what they were saying through the door, the asked that we would accept jesus into our lives and follow his paths. they said something about us not understanding clearly and how we really need Gods guidance to the truth. it was pretty cool. when they were done i opened the door and she scurried off and i shook his hand and thanked them for the prayer. they were both totally uncomfortable and wanted out of the situation. i wanted to start a conversation because it was obvious that they had things a bit mixed up about us. but the spirit constrained me and i just said thanks and that we all need prayers these days. it

was a pretty fun experience.
so david is getting baptized on dec. 19, perhaps sooner if he continues to progress. he stayed all 3 hours of church again on sunday and loved it. we are pretty pumped about it. dominique is down from a pack of cigarettes a day to about 5 cigarettes a day. that is progress. we will have to set her date back a bit though, but things are still looking good.
mary, the lady we tracked into, wants to join the church but she has a few things to overcome as well. that may take a couple of months or so. her sister is really interested now in the church, and i am thinking that if they are both interested that will really help them to progress.
we are going to the temple tomorrow. i am super excited about that. i haven’t been since february 5th. since we will be in LA for alot of the day, our pday is cut super short. so don’t expect any letters other then this this week.
all else is well. i hope life is bueno in utah and new mexico. taft feels like little mexico sometimes, i wish i knew spanish.
elder blair


One response to “Mon November 16th, 2009

  1. so, im just posting what i get from my bro when i get it. he gave me about 400 pictures last week so i will just randomly throw them up when i post.

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