Monday Nov 30, 2009

so i got a transfer call today, something that i was really hoping i wouldn’t get. i was thinking that having only been in taft for 3 months i would get to stay, president knew that i didn’t want to leave. but i guess the lord had other plans. i have been asked to white wash another area, oxnard. so that should be pretty fun, i guess. i did not expect the call at all, so i am totally unprepared to leave taft. there was nothing here 3 months ago when we came, now this place is prime for baptizing. david gets baptized in two weeks and dominique is down to only a couple of cigarettes a day. so she is almost ready too. we have a lot of other great investigators here too, people who will also get baptized. i am really sad that i wont be able to be apart of that, but at least i was there when they were found. this place has grown on me a lot. but oxnard will be fun, another white wash will be a challenge but its cool. my new comp is going to be elder nelson from canada. i hear he is pretty awesome, so i expect we will be doing alot of hard work down there and i am excited about that. he is older then i am so our companionship is going to have alot of experience.
sorry i didn’t write last week, we played ultimate frisbee is bakersfield and i didn’t have time to email.
thanks for the news about helen, i am sorry to hear that. i am glad you guys were able to be supportive for grandpa.
i love you guys and ill tell you about oxnard next week
love elder blair


Mon November 16th, 2009

on saturday we were at the church filling up the font for a baptism, and i was in the foyer reading the scriptures, and a old couple came to the door and looked like they were trying to get in. so i go to the locked door and open it. i startled them pretty bad. they explained that they were praying for us. so i close the door so they could finish their prayer. i could hear what they were saying through the door, the asked that we would accept jesus into our lives and follow his paths. they said something about us not understanding clearly and how we really need Gods guidance to the truth. it was pretty cool. when they were done i opened the door and she scurried off and i shook his hand and thanked them for the prayer. they were both totally uncomfortable and wanted out of the situation. i wanted to start a conversation because it was obvious that they had things a bit mixed up about us. but the spirit constrained me and i just said thanks and that we all need prayers these days. it

was a pretty fun experience.
so david is getting baptized on dec. 19, perhaps sooner if he continues to progress. he stayed all 3 hours of church again on sunday and loved it. we are pretty pumped about it. dominique is down from a pack of cigarettes a day to about 5 cigarettes a day. that is progress. we will have to set her date back a bit though, but things are still looking good.
mary, the lady we tracked into, wants to join the church but she has a few things to overcome as well. that may take a couple of months or so. her sister is really interested now in the church, and i am thinking that if they are both interested that will really help them to progress.
we are going to the temple tomorrow. i am super excited about that. i haven’t been since february 5th. since we will be in LA for alot of the day, our pday is cut super short. so don’t expect any letters other then this this week.
all else is well. i hope life is bueno in utah and new mexico. taft feels like little mexico sometimes, i wish i knew spanish.
elder blair

November 9th 2009..

Hey there,

So i know its been awhile since ive sent a letter your way, sorry about that, hope the emails are sufficient cause its hard to write you know. P days are getting more and more busy as we get to know the area, we have lessons and other stuff to do for people that take away from preparation time. Today we actually went to court with a less active lady that we have been helping get back to church, i felt bad seeing her taken away in hand cuffs but she did kill some peoples so… nah its cool, there are a lot of low lifes in the courts though.

Thanks for all of the letters and support and such that you guys give, it means a lot to me. I miss being able to be around a lot of kids or even holding one but you gotta do what you  gotta do. There are some pretty cool little kids here in Taft that i like a lot. Ben Mahers little cousins are pretty awesome. Noah, the little 4-year-old always runs into walls and stuff when we come around or shows us cool flips that he can do, its pretty awesome. Kids are the best. Oh yea, Clem is almost 2, crazy! Everyone is going to be so different when i get back.

The mission is going pretty good, can’t believe its been over a year since i got my call and ive been out nearly 10 months already.  Its kind of funny because it is getting really hard to remember what real life is actually like, it seems almost as if the mission is the only thing that i have ever known. At least as far as friends go, it seems like i have known some of the elders out here forever. I love being around my MTC district, we had the best time in the MTC and it is cool to see the progress that some of them have made. the mission is the best, I

wouldnt want to be anywhere else right now.

So here are some pictures, actually these are all of the pictures that i have taken on my camera throughout my entire mission so far. I have a bunch more too on other peoples cameras. Sorry it took so long to get them to you. Enjoy.

Love you guys, talk to you in a few weeks eh?